Vacation Rental Ownership

From a cabin on the lake to a home on the golf course, Grand View Real Estate offers unique ownership opportunities with rental revenue potential. Resort Rental Owners at Grand View Lodge are free to experience the exclusive benefits of the area’s finest resort without the usual inconveniences that come with property ownership. Enjoy your time in the Brainerd Lakes area building life-long memories and let Grand View Lodge and Grand View Real Estate take care of the rest.

With our Rental Management Agreement, you and your guests can experience all of the amenities at Grand View Lodge. The staff will handle all of the housekeeping, maintenance and grounds care for you, allowing you to enjoy your time away at the resort. When you aren’t staying in your unit, we will handle the details for booking reservations, and you will receive the revenue.

Grand View Lodge has a long history of satisfied vacation owners. Currently, there are 102 rental units and 56 owners. The rate of ownership turn-over and resale of the rental units is very low. Many of our owners have multiple units and keep them an average of 11 years.

[ PDF – Rental Management Program ]